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Re: [ga] Privacy and Whois databases

William and all,

  However this is both inadequate and not in accordance with
existing US law.  THerefore it is both not legal and as such
not a valid alternative.

William X. Walsh wrote:

> On 15-Oct-99 Mikki Barry wrote:
> > The contact information should be available for bona fide
> > reasons.
> > However, privacy must be protected.  Not just to prevent
> > stalking,
> > but also to prevent repercussions against dissidents and others
> > who
> > use the net's free speech aspects for criticism.
> I disagree, and for people in the situations you present, there are
> now sundry third level registries who require nothing more than an
> email address to register a domain name.
> For people in those circumstances, alternatives already exist that
> provide the type of secrecy they decide they want.
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