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Re: [ga] Privacy and Whois databases

Joe and all,

  Yes I know to whom you are referring to here.  Our WXW boy!
And this sort of highlights his position on this issue.  Sort of
a self preservation thing, eh?  I guess some folks just don't
appriciate the many benefits of "Soap on a rope"!  >;)  Likely to
be a commodity that our WXW boy will be looking at seriously at
making a heavy investment in perhaps!  >;)

  But on the more serious side, your comments here do empathize the
need to adhere to US law with respect to the WHOIS and the 1974
privacy act to which Karl mentioned in an earlier post on this thread.

J. Baptista wrote:

> On Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Mikki Barry wrote:
> > I believe this is exactly on point.  I was personally stalked via
> > information in the whois database.   My domain has also been spoofed
> Same thing here.  We've been stalked too, and it just so happen by someone
> who is participating in this conversation.  Yes - some consideration
> towards privacy is critical.  There are many goverment privacy agencies
> and department who could assist in this area.
> Cheers
> Joe Baptista
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