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*YOUR* Domain is Next! (was: The Public Goods Question)

At 01:10 PM 10/22/99 , Jay Fenello wrote:
>ICANN has just reached an agreement with NSI, where
>in effect, all of their TLDs have been "nationalized"
>(maybe we need a new term -- "ICANNized").
>Educause, as recently reported in the press, is
>positioning itself as the new administrator of .edu.
>And while this hasn't happened yet, we are seeing
>similar confiscations and redistributions occurring
>among the ccTLDs.  .au was the first.
>In ICANN's case, these calls for the "public
>good" are being used as a mantra designed
>to allow this confiscation to take place.

These confiscations and redistributions
not only apply to TLDs like .com, .org,
.net, .edu, .au, etc., but they can
also apply to *your* domain name!

Below is a posting from Judith Oppenheimer,
author of a daily news service for the Toll
Free Industry, an industry that has already
dealt with the interface between a technical
resource and trademarks.

Judith has been outraged over the strong-arm
tactics that have been codified by ICANN in
support of large trademark owners -- tactics
that are *much* more severe than those that
apply to 800 numbers!


Judith Oppenheimer wrote:
>   Until recently, the owner of an Internet domain name (such as
>   "acme.com") had ongoing rights to that domain name for their e-mail
>   address and their web site (registered on a first come, first served
>   basis) unless the name violated a registered trademark (such as
>   "ibm.com"), in which case the trademark owner could sue in court to
>   acquire the name from the original registrant.
>   Under new guidelines recently imposed, the user (no longer "owner") of
>   a domain name may find the name has been reassigned to another company
>   without their knowledge or permission, (even if there is no trademark
>   infringement claimed), and without any rights of adjudication.
>   CyberHQ: THE NEW IMPERIALISM describes a new world order in which an
>   organization's identity can belong to someone other than the
>   organization itself.
>   The Full Story:  http://icbtollfree.com/headsup.html

``Dear Domain Name/Web Site Owner:

"Your domain name can be canceled, revoked, deleted
or transferred at any time at our discretion."

Every .com registrar.''

>   Judith Oppenheimer, 1 800 The Expert, 212 684-7210
>   mailto:joppenheimer@icbtollfree.com
>   Publisher of ICB Toll Free News: http://icbtollfree.com
>   Publisher of WhoSells800.com: http://whosells800.com
>   Moderator TOLLFREE-L: http://www.egroups.com/group/tollfree-l/info.html
>   President of ICB Consultancy: http://JudithOppenheimer.com: 800 #
>   Acquisition Management, Lost 800 # Retrieval, Litigation Support,
>   Regulatory Navigation, Correlating Trademark and Domain Name Issues.


Jay Fenello,
New Media Relations
http://www.fenello.com  770-392-9480