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FW: spamming

The email address in question is rolando@his.com and

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> From:	Gladstone, Kent E. 
> Sent:	Wednesday, December 01, 1999 8:48 AM
> To:	'comments@icann.org'
> Subject:	spamming
> I'm trying to eradicate possible leads for my home email from spammers,
> especially those with adult subjects in mind.  I have children in the
> house and we all use the same email address.  Do you have any
> recommendations.  I realize that there are three ways they get that
> address:  web site, guessing, and the who's who of internic.  Is there any
> way you can protect this email address on your side?  My ISP assures me
> that this information is not available to the product from their end.