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Fw: urgent Times enquiry

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From: Sean Hargrave
To: mclaughlin@icann.org
Sent: Friday, November 03, 2000 9:44 AM
Subject: urgent Times enquiry

I am a freelance journalist for The Times over here in London
i was hoping you, or somebody at ICANN could answer the following questions following the 1st annual general meeting of ICANN
1- how are you going to get the 5000 'at large' membership to gather opinion's on ICANN's policies
2 - how do people apply. can they be non Americans. If so, are they expected to come to meetings etc in LA, funding trips themselves
3 - where is ICANN's money going to come from
4 - is it correct 50% plus is expected to come from Network Solutions
    if so, aren't you supposed to be encouraging competition against the same people that are funding you?
5 - is it correct you expect to get 30% plus of your revenue from non American site registrations? is this from your own operations or via NSI?  if you are getting money from foreign registrations, will British or European representatives be on the board, on the council of  18 members or the 5000 at large membership
6 - do you have an idea of how much funding you need, where this will come from and when your operations will generate enough funds for ICANN to be independent?
if you or someone else could answer these questions at their very earliest convenience, i would appreciate it as i am on deadline and the time difference is obviously a factor
thanks, Sean Hargrave

Sean Hargrave
Freelance Journalist
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