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Re Prepayment of domain names

Our experience has shown that the prepayment model has NOT stopped or curbed
the cybersquatters from registering names . Furthermore from Jan 15 onwards
with the ability to register for one year only the at half he current price
this will only encourage cybersquaters.
The prepayment model is good and works well in countries where the
infrastructure for payment gateways is established and where users are
reasonably comfortable paying on-line. But we have found that in the Asia
Pacific region where infrastructure for paying on line is not quite there
that this group is being penalized. ALL of our partners in this region has
requested that we ask ICANN to allow a 14 to 28 day period which allows them
to collect and clear payments by cheque.
I would be happy to discuss this with the Board in detail should hey wish to
get a better understanding of the problem

Clive Flory
Melbourne IT