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We are having a major nightmare in dealing with Network Solutions.  We are past our eighth week of simply trying to transfer ownership of a URL from ourselves to our client.  This transfer must be done for credit card security and is the only thing keeping the client from going live with his site.  It is causing a great loss of time, energy and income.  Many people from our company and the client's company depend on the site for income.  For one assinine, bureaucratic organization such as Network Solutions to keep us all from making a living is unbelievable.
We have spent countless hours trying to contact Network Solutions to help us.  All we get is a complete run-around.  We have sent them e-mails some which have gotten no response and some which were responded to weeks later (other than their standard B.S. auto reply).  We have spent hours on hold (long distance calls) hoping to speak to a live person.  We have sent them faxes which have taken over two weeks to get to the right department. 
The bottom line is we are eight weeks and counting and they don't care!  They have a lock on the business and they tell us that it will be done when they feel like it.  They won't even let us speak to a supervisor.  To add salt to the wound; if and when this gets done, we have to pay them again for something we have already paid for.
In over 30 years of business, I have never encountered such a frustrating and disgraceful situation.  What can be done?
John Bossen