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Privacy Protection

As a writer working under a "pen name," published both in print and on the
internet, I was shocked to receive my legal name, home address and phone
number listed in the WHOIS database. It was relayed to me BY A TOTAL
STRANGER  - not a "business partner," nor an American court, police officer,
IRS nor any other "government entity-" A total stranger, unregistered with
Network Solutions.

I understand that this information must be given to REGISTER MY DOMAIN NAME,
but how can it be that
any wacko can type my domain name into WHOIS and receive this?  When I write
in the print media,
wackos have to go through that publication and information is forwarded to
me.  THIS is "protecting my

It is obvious that you are now the central core of the domain name business.
You are the ones
"regulating."  These are your rules, no? That any wacko can obtain the most
personal information I am
trying to protect?  I need this clarified.  Why don't you simply give them

If these are your rules, I  protest. This media is way too "accessible"
already. Don't get me wrong, as a Libertarian I sincerely believe that the
internet needs to be FREE OF GOVERNMENT CONTROL, but this situation is

Below is the response I received from your partner in response to my
inquiry, which reflected my viewpoint
above. I think it's terribly interesting that not ONE PERSON'S NAME OR TITLE
is listed on Network Solutions'
site, nor is their letter signed with one..........They certainly protect
LN Shapely

"Please refer to the "With Whom We May Share Information." The last sentence
of this section states that "consistent with the current rules and policies
for Domain Name System, information about you must remain available in the
publicly accessible registration database." Please refer to ICANN's web site
(www.icann.org) for more information on this.

We will remove your name from the list Network Solutions shares with its
business partners but, unfortunately as stated above, we cannot remove
information from the WHOIS database. Network Solutions, along with all other
registrar's, is required to keep this information public

Privacy Policy Administrator
Network Solutions, Inc."