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Re: [names] 63-character SLDs

At 07:51 AM 11/7/99 , Esther Dyson wrote:
What's intriguing about this is the implicit presumption that people aren't
typing in these names: they must be selecting them off a list, linking to
them, copying them from somewhere...... 

Esther Dyson

(Melbourne, Australia ­ 5 November 1999) Internet Names WorldWide(INWW), a
division of Melbourne IT Ltd, one of the original five testbed ICANN
accredited registrars, is the first company in the world to introduce
technology enabling Internet Domain Name Registrations of up to 63
characters! This is 37 characters more than Network Solutions who can only
currently register domain names up to 22 characters.

Although most organizations and individuals are unaware of 63 character
domain names, a small number of companies have immediately recognized the
significance of the extension, considering memorable domain names are such
a scarce commodity today.

The introduction of extended 63 character domain names will be good news to
corporations who always wanted to register and secure their complete
company name. Complete company names greater than 22 characters are not
uncommon, and already domain names such as CreditSuisseFirstBoston.com,
NationalWestministerBank.com and HarleyDavidsonMotorCycles.com have been
registered through INWW.

As the administrator of the Australian commercial domain .com.au, INWW has
analysed its 115,000 .com.au registrations to date, and found that close to
1% of total .com.au registrations are over 22 characters. Mr Clive Flory,
General Manager of INWW said, "When you look at our .com.au registration
data, consider the policy restrictions of .com.au, and then look at the 9
million .com names registered, we predict there will be a large demand
worldwide for .com domain names registered with over 22 characters in the
next 12 months."  Mr Flory also added: "Over 30% of our .com registrations
have been over 22 characters in the past 3 weeks."

Internet Crusade, INWW's first US partner, has been instrumental in
educating the US marketplace about 63 character domain names. Mike Barnett,
VP Technology of Internet Crusade said: "The extended domain name is not
only about registering complete company names, the opportunity is much
bigger when you consider the registration of company slogans, products and
associations." Mike Barnett also added: " In less than 2 weeks, Internet
Crusade has already registered thousands of extended domain names with

Some of the names recently registered include:
CentralIntelligenceAgency.com, UniversityofSouthernCalifornia.com

Hi Esther,

What's intriguing is that TheUnitedStatesOfAmerica.com
and the NationalBasketballAssociation.com resolve to
Internet Crusade, an apparent cybersquatter's warehouse,
as they apparently are *not* affiliated with either of
those organizations.  The rest of those domains do not

So, despite ICANN's claim to bring "stability" to the
Internet, and to protect the Intellectual Property of
legitimate trademark holders through a UDRP that was
rammed down the Internet Community's throat, we find
ICANN has actually accomplished exactly the opposite.


Notwithstanding the commercial applications for the new extended 63
character domain name, spare a thought for the welsh village that
previously could not register their own village domain name. However, there
is good news, they now claim possibly the longest .com name in history!


To be part of this new piece of Internet history, please visit:

www.InternetNamesWW.com or visit INWW's first US partner, Internet Crusade
at www.InternetCrusade.com.

About Internet Names WorldWide:

INWW is a division of Melbourne IT Ltd, and is the largest domain registrar
in the Asia Pacific. INWW was the first non-US based ICANN registrar to go
"live" offering .com registration services. INWW has over 500 Australian
and International channel partners offering INWW's registration services.


Media enquires should be directed to:

Nicola Mendleson, Mendleson Communication, telephone: 61 3  9531 8957 or
email: nicola@mendleson.com.au

Ewan Watt, Business Development Manager, Internet Names WorldWide,
telephone: (+613) 9344 0935 or email: ewan.watt@internetnamesww.com

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