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Re: [names] 63-character SLDs

Hi Jay,

So, despite ICANN's claim to bring "stability" to the
Internet, and to protect the Intellectual Property of
legitimate trademark holders through a UDRP that was
rammed down the Internet Community's throat, we find
ICANN has actually accomplished exactly the opposite.

Which is good.  The term "Internet stability" is
an oxymoron.  In the spirit of L.A., one can argue
that ICANN may actually be a "good thing" by bringing
together everyone concerned about stability, share
their fears, and talk their way through the syndrome...
a sort of Stability Anonymous.  In the meantime, Internet
chaos - like life - will go on.

Internet 101 should begin with the keynote speech given
on this subject on Thursday by PSI CEO and father of the
Internet ISP industry, Bill Schrader, at the annual CATO
Institute conference.  


I'm beginning to feel sig-deprived.  So many other
wonderful people have ever growing sigs that tell
all kinds of marvelous things about themselves and
their ventures where if you spend lots of money you can
actually pay for their words of wisdom and rub shoulders
with them and their friends in exotic places.  Much
more clever and fun, however, are animated sigs.

M. Hope Aguilar

Courtesy of Hollywood attorney activist Aguilar

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