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Re: [names] Image Online Design on ICANN

At 11:19 AM 10/29/99 , Esther Dyson wrote:
It seems to me that if you read   each    word   very     carefully,    
 he's saying:  no *monopoly* TLDs, not "no competitive TLDs." 

Esther Dyson

Hello Esther,

Twisting words and meanings is no way
to build trust.

Those who have been involved in these
debates know that there is little
difference between these terms as used
by Mike Roberts.

They both apply to a business model that
would have multiple registries competing
against Network Solution's .com, .net, and
.org TLDs.  It's the same business model
that existed when Iperdome and IODesign
pioneered .per(sm) and .web(tm), it's the
same business model that was recommended
by the FTC:
and it's the same business model that
was recommended by the Green Paper:

Your attempts at obfuscation are
not appreciated.


At 08:44 pm 10/28/1999 -0400, Jay Fenello wrote:
>At 06:43 PM 10/28/99 , Mike Roberts wrote:
>>Just for the record, the assertions contained in the following
>>email with regard to statements I am alleged to have made are
>>completely without factual substance and do not represent my
>>views or the views of any ICANN person to the best of my
>>- Mike Roberts
>Here's is what started it all:
>  >Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 02:48:58 -0400
>  >To: [a reporter]
>  >From: Jay Fenello <Jay@Iperdome.com>
>  >
>  >Here's where Mike Roberts informs everyone
>  >that he's decided that prior claims to TLDs
>  >are not valid, are not going to be considered,
>  >even though this is in direct contradiction to
>  >the White Paper's approach of a bottom-up
>  >consensus process to answer this question.
>  >
>  >Also, note that this decision was announced on
>  >*JANUARY* 19th, 1999, before both the Singapore
>  >and the Berlin ICANN Board meetings, before the
>  >DNSO had even been recognized.
>  >
>  >>ftp://wipo2.wipo.int/pub/process/eng/to2-transcript-en.txt
>  >>
>  >>(Mr. Mike Roberts):
>  >>...
>  >>"whatever we do about new top-level domains, one of the clear
>  >>antecedent requirements of that is that we don't make what
>  >>appears to be a monopoly profit grant.  Now there are a lot
>  >>of mechanisms for dealing with that and we are going to hear
>  >>a lot of input on that, but I just wanted to sort of get that
>  >>message out there because we are no longer if we ever were,
>  >>we are no longer in an Oklahoma land rush approach to the
>  >>creation of new TLDs. "
>Then, on the Harvard list, Mike admitted that
>he had said it, and he confirmed that I had
>interpreted it correctly.
>Mike, which assertions are you denying?
>> > Competitive TLDs *will* be considered by the ICANN board if such a proposal
>> > comes before us. The outcome is still unknown.
>> >
>> > Esther Dyson
>Given Mike's comments outlined above, given
>the gerrymandered DNSO, and given ICANN's
>total disregard for process as described in
>this Small Business Administration Advisory:
>the outcome seems all too certain!
>> > At 11:08 am 10/28/1999 -0400, Jay Fenello wrote:
>> > >
>> > >Others wishing to make *their* position
>> > >on ICANN part of the public record may
>> > >contact Fenello.com for assistance.
>> > >
>> > >FYI:
>> > >
>> > >http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/
>> 10-28
>> > >-1999/0001061640
>> > >
>> > >Image Online Design Issues Statement on ICANN
>> > >
>> > >SAN LUIS OBISPO, October 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Image Online Design, Inc.
>> > ><www.webtld.com>, "The .Web Internet Domain Registry(tm)", the longest
>> > >standing prospective registry for a new Top Level Domain, today
>> responded to
>> > >comments made by ICANN Board members on the Harvard Law School's IS99
>> class
>> > >list <news://cyber.law.harvard.edu/IS99-names>.
>> > >
>> > >IODesign takes exception to recent comments from Mike Roberts,
>> president of
>> > >ICANN, when he admitted that competitive TLDs will not be considered
>> by the
>> > >ICANN board.  This is in direct violation of the ICANN by-laws, and in
>> direct
>> > >opposition to the intent of the White Paper.  [His admission caused
>> Iperdome,
>> > >another prospective registry, to suspend operations.]
>> > >
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