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RE: [Membership] MAC reports and models-New URLs

A 21:54 06/02/99 -0500, Joseph LeBaron a écrit :
>I agree with George Conrades in his support for Esther Dyson.  There is a
>high standard that ICANN should be held to, but personal attacks such as the
>ones below have no place in this list, in my opinion.  I imagine Esther has
>a thick skin, so Mr. Smith's comments probably had little impact, but such
>flames will make ICANN less communicative rather than more.  They just take
>us backwards.

I can only agree with that, too. Motivations can always be questioned:
mine, Russ Smith's, Esther's... And what good does it do to our common
work? Let us judge by what is being done. I did not know Esther before I
joined the MAC; since then, I have not seen anything else than a good-faith
effort to move discussions forward, sometimes through provocative
questions, which is a useful way of getting all of us to be more precise on
what we want and don't want. I have also never felt that the fact she was
not an expert in names and numbers allocation in the beginning was a
problem: both because it's not such a difficult topic to grasp, and because
it is refreshing to hear some new (and calm) voice in these discussions.

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