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[Membership] Re: Fees/contributions

[was: Re: [Membership] The People's Republic of ICANN?]

A 14:47 06/02/99 -0800, Greg Skinner a écrit :
>>I like the idea of a contribution instead of a fee, for non-domain name
>>holders who want to join, with a minimum of, say, one dollar.
>These ideas seem reasonable to me.

Well, I don't know:

1- If one really wants to participate, the reason why the minimum
contribution should be that low (at least for developped countries'
standards; fees or contribution obviously need to be modulated depending on
each country's per capita income) is not obvious.

2- The cost of collecting such low amounts is higher than the contribution
itself. Not to mention the cost-per-member of voting procedures.

3- If we want to prevent massive fraud, having somewhat higher
fees/contributions is probably one of the most feasible ways.

However, this should not mean the (minimal) amount should be set too high.
But which is the right level?

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