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Re: [Membership] The People's Republic of ICANN?

Greg Skinner a écrit:

> The public has the right to file license challenges against licensees
> they do not feel are acting in the public interest.  The public may
> also challenge a licensee at its renewal time.

That's right. There are public review boards. They aren't always active, but
sometimes they are. I was involved in the beginning of a new TV station in
Boston many years ago that got its license through such a proceeding. The
community charged a local station with not complying with the requirements
for public service broadcasting, and the station's license was taken away
and given to a group of people who started a new one. There are more of
these review boards now than there used to be, as part of the present
government's telecommunications projects. I sent out a few feelers about
starting one up to oversee the ICANN process. That will happen, sooner or
later. Sooner, probably, if ICANN doesn't become responsive to the public.