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Re: [Membership] The People's Republic of ICANN?

TO clarify: 

There *is* more to the world, and even to the Internet, than the people
willing to spend several hours a day reading/writing the lists....and there
are publics besides the US public.  

On the campaigning, I'm talking about getting people *involved,* not about
getting them to be members.


At 01:35 AM 07/02/99 -0500, Michael Sondow wrote:
>Esther Dyson a écrit:
>> Getting the public involved is, among other things, a job for our
>> much-vilified "public-outreach" firm.  
>I hate to always take an adversarial position with you, Esther, but you
>don't really believe that this PR firm is going to have any effect or
>influence on the Internet community, do you? It may have some slight effect
>on the general populace of the US, but the Internet community is more likely
>to turn against ICANN if it finds PR-speak type communications lying around
>here and there. 
>> It is also something that should
>> happen semi-automatically when people campaign to be elected as AL directors.
>Beg pardon? How's that? I really wonder what you see this campaigning to be.
>What little there will be, since we're all in far-flung places, wil be on
>the Internet. No one's going to go riding around town in a Cadillac kissing
>babies and winning over mom and dad, you know. How is the election of AL
>directors going to get users and others to join ICANN? I don't get it.

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