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Re: Individual Memberships (was Re: [Membership] The People'sRepublic of ICANN?

>A 11:14 12/02/99 -0000, Dr Nii Quaynor a écrit :
>(after Darrell Greenwood said:)
>>>In the case of individual and organization memberships, the CEO can
>>>join as an individual and vote as an individual, and the CEO can have
>>>the organization join, then vote as the organization. Two votes.
>>>Could be perceived as being unfair. Offhand, I think I perceive it as
>>>being unfair, so I rather like the individual memberships only. No
>Kent Crispin's proposal avoids that problem: an organization can join and
>designates one representative. This representative has one vote, and can
>not vote again as an individual member.
>>Would you consider having both individual and organizational memberships
>>only individuals can vote?
>I don't see what good it would do. Why would an organization join in this
>case? I know ISOC's "sponsorship" model was mentionned, but this is only
>for large or large-ish, highly motivated companies. I'm more interested in
>small organizations.


Actually, its the same as Kents so I wonder why you are shying away from it.
If the CEO is voting on behalf of the organization but therefore *cant* vote
again as himself its as though the organization had no vote.  Why would a
CEO want to give up his personal vote for a corporations vote? Why not have
the individual vote as he wishes and rather keep the organization out? The
companies are going to be there anyway simply from the membership of their
officers so their interests are represented. The formal presence of the
company is only for their benefit of association with ICANN which might have
some promotional priviledges.

How are you going to enforce all this? I voted as individual or I voted as
corporation? Just too complex for me!

The simplest is that *only* individuals vote.