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Re: [Membership] Re: Individual Memberships


At 22:00 15.02.99 , Esther Dyson wrote:
>>I see the objective. So, other questions. Why should ICANN leave
>>(sponsorship) money on the table when it can be used to do some good? Is
>>this a matter of being politically correct or a challenge of structuring how
>>the funds are handled for a sponsor who obtains an "ICANN brand"?
>There's no sponsorship money on the table. It takes a lot of effort to get it!

Yes - in the first time it could be very hard to get this money. In the
later beeing of ICANN we should think about accepting this money. And
therefor we must think *now* about it because later we can't say 'no', can we?
If in 1/2 year the webpage www.icann.org has about 500'000 hits per month -
why shouldn't we put ads on it? My opinion is that this would provide the
organization not any dependence but through a way like this ICANN can get
money - and if we do it in the right way enough money...