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RE: [Membership] The real reason language is not the issue

Russ Smith wrote:
= I think this is part of the reason why participation is somewhat low
= at this point.  The whole process is very cryptic to those not familiar
= (like me) with the entire structure (if there is one).  You have White
= papers, Green Papers, SO, IFWP, ICANN, IANA, WIPO mailing lists all
= over the place. It takes months just to figure out how everything fits
= together and I expect people drop out before they even know what all
= the acronyms mean.

 That is exactly and precisely the goal of the
 architects of this chaos. For average citizens
 and non-technically adept persons to be so
 boggled by all of this as to drop mercifully
 (mercilessly?) back into obscurity. Complexity
 and double talk are primary instruments of
 control in this situation. And once one is able
 to comprehend that and pirce through all the
 baffle-gab it becomes crystal clear that all
 this confusion is essential for plans of a few
 to mature into empires controlling many. Pity.

 Bob Allisat

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