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At 11:26 AM 4/12/99 , Michael Gendron wrote:
>waiver.  Further, considering the state of technology (no way to verify
>over the Net) a hard copy authentication procedure is essential.  How can
you have 
>voting when you cannot authenticate the ballots?  I think a reasonable
>can be reached.

Just to clear this point up a bit, Diane Cabell sent me a private response
to my initial post on this topic, answering a few of the questions I had
about the differences in the March 3 & 18 documents.  I don't think I'm
breaking any confidence by repeating her words on this point, and it really
seems like it requires some clarification.  Here's what she said on the
question of postal verification:

>An ICANN Director wanted to revisit the registration consensus to try and
>automate procedures as much as possible in order to save both time and money.
>The MAC very strongly insisted that postal verification be obtained at a
>minimum.  The "only attempt to verify...if a complaint is lodged" refers, I
>think, to how far ICANN will go beyond postal verification and that's not
a shift
>in the consensus.

In short, while the March 18 document didn't explicitly mention the use of
postal verification, it wasn't meant to exclude it either.

Hope that clears up a bit of the confusion.

- Paul

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