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Re: [Membership] Committee Recommendations

On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Don Levy wrote:
> I am getting some pretty bazarre messages regarding someone named James 
> Seng that seem to emanate from this list (and that's almost all I've 
> gotten). Is this list neither regularly used legitimately nor monitored?

I receive a some silly emails of Jeff William and Brian C. Hollingsworth
trying to be ..erm.. silly. I have no idea why no one else have not
receive the email as I did but I think I did not receive some of the
emails on that same subject myself. Is there anything wrong with this
mailing list?

Anyway, for those who are on IFWP, Jeff, Brian and their non-existence 
INEG group are no stranger. The content of their email is not important
nor on topic. Like Molly say, this is a forum for ICANN membership so lets
switch back to the topic now we have the preliminary recommandations.

-James Seng