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Re: [Membership] Committee Recommendations

James and all,

James Seng wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Don Levy wrote:
> > I am getting some pretty bazarre messages regarding someone named James
> > Seng that seem to emanate from this list (and that's almost all I've
> > gotten). Is this list neither regularly used legitimately nor monitored?
> I receive a some silly emails of Jeff William and Brian C. Hollingsworth
> trying to be ..erm.. silly. I have no idea why no one else have not
> receive the email as I did but I think I did not receive some of the
> emails on that same subject myself. Is there anything wrong with this
> mailing list?

  To my knowledge, there is nothing wrong with this mailing list in as
much as it operation is concerned.  However your characterization of
myself and Mr. Hollingsworth is certainly inaccurate and inappropriate
for this or any mailing list...

> Anyway, for those who are on IFWP, Jeff, Brian and their non-existence
> INEG group are no stranger. The content of their email is not important
> nor on topic. Like Molly say, this is a forum for ICANN membership so lets
> switch back to the topic now we have the preliminary recommandations.

  Well Mr. Seng, I do exist just as much as you do.  Can you please
prove your existence for us here?  If not than I don't see the logic in
you comment as it would appear to be inaccurate on it's face.

  However it is a good suggestion that we try to stay on topic, which
we all can see from your comments here that you seem to wish to
use that as an excuse for not doing so yourself.

> -James Seng


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