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Re: [Membership] Fees for Organizations

>>Daniel Kaplan a ecrit:
>>> However, I suddenly wonder: Why haven't we contemplated charging
>>>   organizations and not individuals? Is it a silly idea?

A 13:22 30/04/99 -0000, Dr Nii Quaynor a écrit :
>Does this create two classes of members, paying and non-paying? How would we
>manage the influences of the paying members so that organizations dont
>capture the At-Large? Is this consistent with the intent of the At-Large vs
>SOs? Is this a back-door take-over for the very group some of sought to
>exclude from the At-large initially?

Creating 2 classes of members (meaning different rights) is definitely what
we should avoid. But maybe it would be acceptable for organizations who
wish to join to pay a smallish fee IN ORDER to keep individual membership
free while covering the costs of reasonable verification (taking into
account the fact that even association and companies are not able to pay
the same amount in various countries). The bylaws, or whichever document
defines the rules for AL membership, would have to make it clear that this
does not provide organizational members with any more rights (at least not
rights regarding votes, or higher rights to influence ICANN decisions;
creating special online forums for organization could be contemplated if
they want to discuss among themselves).

And that provision would be for organizations who want to be AL members,
which means (according to the principles we posted) they are not SO members.

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