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Re: [Membership] [Comment-Mac] Re: Secret ballots

Eric, Craig and all,

Eric Weisberg wrote:

> Craig Simon wrote:
> > I haven't made up my mind...
> > Kent's argument is that the process has integrity when we can verify
> > that our own votes have [been] tabulated correctly.

  There can be NO integrity in a process the thwarts the basic democratic
principal of secret balloting/voting.

> That is why we should consider administration of the elections by a neutral
> and professional third party such as the American Arbitration Association.

  Or an organization within the US government or the UN such as the
NEC - National election commission, which have overseen many newly
democratic elections in the past few years.  The UN election commision
should also be consulted and ask to assist in the oversight as a neutral
monitor as well.  As I have already contacted the NEC in the very recent past
regarding this possibility, they have stated that they would be more than happy
to assist in any such endeavor.

> > Joop's is that the process
> > has integrity when people feel they can vote with integrity. We all want
> > it to be done cheaply...
> Nothing else associated with this effort has been or will be cheap.  Why
> start skimping with the integrity of the process?  The privacy of one's vote
> is a prime value.  It is not something I am interested in losing.  I doubt
> there are many who feel otherwise.

  Not only is the privacy of ones VOTE paramount to integrity of this
process it is a Basic Precept of any truly Democratic process and is
recognized in all of the democratic countries of the world.  Hence considering
any other sort of voting process would be an travesty and a affront to
individual privacy and a truly democratic process.


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