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Everything you know is wrong (was:Re: [Membership] [Comment-Mac]Re: Secret ballots)

On Wed, 19 May 1999, Eric Weisberg wrote:
> Assume that AT&T has 400,000+/- employees.  1,000 of them join ICANN.  Should
> AT&T be able to monitor how those employees vote?  What about the employees of
> its vendors or customers?  What about BWG-n-friends and all the
> other "parties"
> and interest groups?  Should they know how their "members" vote?

Just one simple question: do you think that AT&T manipulates the election
of the President of the USA? Do you think that employees of AT&T silently
would follow such orders to vote in a specific manner given by the

I mean - that is a far more important election than anything related to
ICANN, so why shouldn't they? The same process applies.

In a world of conspiracy everything you know is wrong, isn't it?




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