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[Membership] Ntwk Caching Regulations(GIP/ICANN)

SUMMARY:  Sorry if this is off-topic but a recent
article in Computer Reseller News mentions GIP and
ICANN - my question is about the controversy regarding
caching regulations.

"Domain Name Group Digging For Seed Money" is largely
about GIP's funding efforts for ICANN.  But the last
two paragraphs caught my attention, and has sparked my
interest in researching this controversy:

One recent effort was an educational statement
released in response to actions by the European
Parliament to pass laws prohibiting the use of caching
on the Internet, which is based on recommendations by
the recording industry that relate to piracy. 

"It is not that easy by the average person to
understand what caching is and how it works," said
ITAA's Englund.  If the legislation moves forward, "it
could dramatically slow down the Internet," he said.

I've hit all the websites mentioned (ITAA, GIP, ICANN,
etc) and located a lot of info including the white
paper.  *However*, I need to find the arguments and
any details from the *opposing side*.  For example,
I'm desperately trying to locate the "recommendations
by the recording industry that relate to piracy"
referred to in the article.  I need to see what the
recording industry has done to fight/regulate Internet

If this is off-topic, I'm sorry and please email me at
toonces@pobox.com instead of extending my thread on
this list.  Thank you for any assistance.

George Nichols  http://www.netconductor.com
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