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ICANN has launched an At Large Membership program, through which the global Internet user community will directly elect members of the ICANN Board of Directors. In October, 2000, five Directors will be elected by ICANN's At Large Members.

To learn about the At Large nominees, see the Nominees page.

The At Large Membership election process can be broken down into three distinct segments, with several components for each.

      1. Determination of the ballot (May 10 - September 8)
        1. Nomination by the Nominating Committee (July 31)
        2. Member-nomination (August 1 - September 8)
      2. Voter education and dialogue period (September 9 - October 10)
        1. Posting of web page for each nominee
        2. Question & Answer Forum
        3. Notification of At Large Members via email

      3. Vote by the At Large Members (October 1 - October 10)
        1. Casting of online ballots by At Large Members
        2. Online voting system provided by election.com
        3. Counting of ballots
        4. Monitoring and oversight
        5. Announcement of result

See the At Large Schedule for full details.

For this year's At Large elections, the registration period for membership has now closed, with tremendous success -- over 158,000 applications were received from Internet users around the world, and over 76,000 applicants activated their memberships prior to the September 8 deadline.


Background Materials on At Large Membership

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