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Executive Search Committee of the Board

The Executive Search Committee is not currently active. It has in the past been responsible for overseeing the search for a Chief Executive Officer for ICANN.

During the period 1999-2001, it was engaged in finding a successor to ICANN's start-up CEO, Michael M. Roberts. M. Stuart Lynn succeeded Michael M. Roberts in March 2001.

On 27 May 2002, M. Stuart Lynn, ICANN's President and CEO, announced his intention to retire in March 2002. The Executive Search Committee was appointed in June 2002 to find a replacement.

In January-February 2003, the Executive Search Committee presented the Board with various options, and on 18 March 2003 the ICANN Board elected Dr. Paul Twomey to be ICANN's President and CEO. Dr. Twomey assumed his office on 27 March 2003.

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