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ICANN Task Force on Funding

Charge to the Task Force

From the Board resolution, the task force is charged with, "formulating recommendations on cost recovery mechanisms that fairly apportion ICANN's funding needs, as reflected in the budget that has been adopted, among the Internet name and address registry administrators and registrars and possibly other parties."

The task force has discussed a more detailed charter and agreed that initially the following points will be considered:

    1. What criteria should be adopted to identify classes, if any, of registries and registrars for purposes of assessing funding obligations?
    2. What criteria should be used to determine the amounts payable to ICANN by the classes identified in (1) above?
    3. What procedures should be used to adjust for over- or under-recovery of budgeted revenue attributable to registry and registrar fees?

On October 31, the Task Force posted a Draft Final Report for public review and comment.

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