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The Egyptian ICT;

a Booming Sector

The Internet is a major aspect of development in the Egyptian ICT sector, which has become one of the most extensive, active and growing sectors on the regional level. It is a role model of deregulation, privatization, and public-private partnerships with sustained annual growth exceeding 20%. Thanks to  the comprehensive and coherent vision for the development of the sector that was formulated through a multi-stakeholder process of consultation, the ICT sector has been transformed to a revenue creating sector for public proceeds that has reached 4.18 billion US dollars from IPOs and licenses in less than two years.

Efforts gave birth eventually to an enabling investment environment supported by balanced and diligent regulatory policies; making the number of ICT companies working in Egypt increase to 2310 in 2007 against 226 in 1999. Many reputable multinationals have established presence in Egypt. Companies from Europe, North America, India, and China have established software development centers, technical support Call Centers and research facilities as well as business process and knowledge process operations. The flow of FDI however, is not only incoming, Egyptian ICT companies are starting to invest in Europe, Africa and Asia and will continue to do so as more business opportunities emerge.

Egypt Setting

Benefiting the Egyptian citizen from the deployment and growth of ICT in Egypt is another substantial objective of ICT for development strategy. This is attained through successful partnership with the private sector in a number of initiatives spearheaded by Egypt’s Education Initiative, e-health programs and the Arabic e-content initiative.


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Glamorous Cairo

Cairo, “Al Qahira” in Arabic, which means «The Vanquisher» or «The Triumphant»; is an ancient city built by the Fatimid leader Jawhar Al Siquilly in 969.   Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the cultural and scientific capital of the Arab and Islamic world.  It has a metropolitan area population of about 17.285 million people, thus counting as the sixteenth most populous metropolitan area in the world and the most populous one in Africa.  The city celebrates its national day on the 6th of July and its flag carries Al Azhar mosque, a landmark of Egyptian culture and Islamic religion.

Cairo is located on the banks and islands of the River Nile in the north of Egypt. Cairo covers almost 214 km2 and stretches to about 41.542 km.

The oldest part of the city is on the east of the river. There, the city gradually spreads west, engulfing the agricultural lands next to the Nile. These western areas are marked by wide boulevards, public gardens, and open spaces. The older eastern section of the city is very different; it is filled with small lanes and crowded tenements. While western Cairo is dominated by the government buildings and modern architecture, the eastern half is filled with hundreds of ancient mosques that act as landmarks.

On the outskirts of Cairo, stands the Giza Plateau, the site of some of the most impressive ancient monuments of the world, including the Great Sphinx, the Great Pyramids of Giza and a number of other large pyramids and temples.  

Today, Greater Cairo encompasses various historic and touristic attractions as well as modern landmarks.  Most famous among those are Saladin’s Citadel,  Virgin Mary’s Tree, the Mosque of Amr Ibn Alaas, the Hanging Church and the Cairo Tower, in addition to the Egyptian museum and the historic district of Khan El Khalili.

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