Workshop: DNSSEC

5 Nov 2008 - 13:00
5 Nov 2008 - 15:30
Al Saraya 2-4 (Main Room)


What it is | The Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) actively works to facilitate the deployment of DNSSEC. This session is a public presentation from those actively engaged in the deployment of DNSSEC.

Why it's Important | Registries, registrars, and the others who plan to deploy DNSSEC
services will benefit from the presentation and discussion of the deployment experience.

Who should attend? | Anyone with an interest in the deployment of DNSSEC, especially registry and registrar representatives from technical, operational, and strategic planning roles.

Agenda details: 

Welcome and Introductions
Steve Crocker, Russ Mundy
Co-Chairs DNSSEC Deployment Initiative

Signing the Root Discussion

The NTIA Notice of Inquiry Regarding DNSSEC in the Root Zone
Fiona Alexander, Associate Administrator, US
Department of Commerce, NTIA

Pate Kane, VeriSign

Rick Lamb, ICANN

DNSSEC In The Field

Daniel Kalchev

Demi Getschko

DNSSEC Launch in .CZ
Ondrej Filip, Czech Republic

Public Internet Registry
Lance Wolak

Making DNSSEC Accessible to Customers
Uma Murali, Names Beyond

DNSSEC in Windows
Shyam Seshadri, Microsoft

Appliances, Recursive Resolvers, and Next Steps
Steve Crocker, Co-Chair DNSSEC Deployment Initiative