Meeting of the ICANN Board

7 Nov 2008 - 08:30
Al Saraya 2-4 (Main Room)


This regular meeting of the ICANN Board will be open to public observation, both in person and via Internet audiocast.

Agenda details: 

(approved by Executive Committee 23 October 2008)

  1. Approval of Minutes and Approval of BGC Recommendation regarding Board
    Committee Minutes Standard and Publication – For Board Action
  2. Update on GNSO Improvements Implementation – For Board Discussion
  3. Single Letter Domains at the Second Level, including Proposed Contract
    Amendments for DotCoop and dotMobi – For Board Discussion and possible
  4. Inter-Registar Transfer Policy – Denial Reasons Policy Development Project – For Board Action
  5. Proposed Bylaw Revisions Requested by Nominating Committee – For Board Action
  6. Approval of site of Asia Pacific Meeting – For Board Action
  7. Consideration of Proposal for At-Large Community Summit – Planning Status Report – For Board Action
  8. Proposed Creation of A Community-Wide Working Group to Review The
    Structure of ICANN’s Present Geographic Regions – For Board Discussion
  9. President's Strategy Committee Update – For Board Discussion
  10. Receipt of Reports from Other Board Committees, Finance, Compensation, et. Al. (possible actions) – Various Committee Chairs
  11. Board Response to Discussions arising from Cairo Meeting Thrush
  12. Independent Reviews Update – For Board Discussion
  13. Registrar Accreditation Agreement Amendments Update – For Board Discussion
  14. Other Business

7 November 2008 Organizational Meeting Agenda (Approved by Executive Committee 23 October 2008)

  1. Election of Chair
  2. Election of Vice-chair
  3. Creation of New Committees
  4. Appointment of committee leadership/membership
  5. Confirmation of Officers of ICANN
  6. Other Business