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a generic TLD must be really generic !

In few words, I would like to outline and stress that downfall of success of gTLD is tied to its "ability" to be clearly generic. I mean that .aero or .museum are so specific that these can only target a small market and so not enough profitable or sustnaible.
this issue can also occur for probable geoTLD because geoTLD can only target a particular geographical area.

Why not a .service

Yes, why nota .service . Why not creating a gTLD for each kind of human or economic activities (especially economic).it is just a proposal.
a domain is not just a "promotional" domain or new fashion trends but maybe an information by itself. We are going for a semantic web where the important isn't the information but the knwoledge. so such meta information contained in domain name can be really useful. but we have to beware that such new addition needs a new definition of the management of gTLD.

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