gTLD Registries Constituency Meeting

4 Nov 2008 - 09:00
4 Nov 2008 - 17:00
Sans Souci I

What it is | The gTLD Registries Constituency is a constituency
within the Generic Name Supporting Organisation (GNSO) and its primary
role is to represent the interests of gTLD Registries that are
currently under contract with ICANN to provide gTLD Registry Services.

Why it's Important | The in-person meetings held in conjunction
with the ICANN meetings provide an opportunity for productive and
constructive discussions on issues that involve ICANN consensus
policies that relate to interoperability, technical reliability and/or
stable operation of the Internet or domain name system.

Who should attend? | Anyone with a vested interest in these
issues is encouraged to attend the open session of the gTLD Registries
Constituency meeting while in Cairo.

Agenda details: 

9:00 – 12:00       Open Session

I.    Attendance – Introduction of attendees

II.    Agenda Review and Approval

a.    Constituency Meeting
b.    Meeting with ICANN Board and Staff
c.    Joint meeting with Registrars Constituency

III.    GNSO Council Updates
a.    At Large Representative, GNSO Council
i.    Nominees
ii.    Vote
b.    New gTLD Issues
i.    Timing of Fast Track ccTLD and gTLD IDNs
ii.    Implementation questions
1.    Guidelines
2.    Geographic identifiers
3.    CRAI Report and Registry/Registrar cross ownership
c.    Registry Services Evaluation Policy
d.    GNSO Improvements
i.    Steering Committees reports
ii.    Selection of GNSO Board Seats
iii.    Incorporation of individual users in the GNSO
iv.    Develop plan for new Registry Stakeholder Group – Working Group?
e.    Geographic Regions Community Working Group
f.    Whois Studies
i.    Update on which studies should receive cost estimates
g.    Fast Flux Update (Greg Aaron, Adam Palmer)
h.    Inter-Registrar Transfers Working Group Update (Barbara Steele)
i.    Redemption Grace Period – Update
j.    DNS Abuse – Issues Report?
k.    Status of GNSO work on SSAC recommended Directory Service to replace Whois
i.    Registries Constituency Working Group status

IV.    ICANN Topics
a.    gTLD Registry Failover Plan
b.    AGP Limits, Policy Implementation Plan

12:00 – 14:00     Working Luncheon Meeting with ICANN Board
Representatives and Staff (Closed Session)     

14:00 – 16:00  Continuation of morning session

V.    ICANN Staff Presentations
a.    IANA Discussion on RZM Testing (Barbara Roseman) (to occur during morning session)

VI.   Anti-Phishing Working Group
a.    Domain Name System Policy Working Group (DNSPWG) – update on current initiatives (Rod Rasmussen)

i.    Other Business
a.   Review of scheduled time for bi-weekly Constituency meeting

16:00 –17:30      Registries/Registrars Constituencies Joint Meeting
(Al Saraya 2-3)

    Key Topics for discussion:
1.    Structure of the Contracted Parties House
a.    At ICANN
b.    Other times
c.    Formal structure or informal?
d.    Joint mailing list?
2.    SSAC recommendation that the GNSO Explore the idea of a new director service protocol, like IRIS, to replace the old Whois protocol