Internet Service and Connectivity Providers Constituency Meeting

4 Nov 2008 - 15:15
4 Nov 2008 - 17:00
Abdeen 2

What it is | "ISPs"; or "connectivity providers"; are in the
business of operating Name Servers as a service for 3rd parties and
operate an Internet backbone network based on TCP/IP.

Who should attend? | Anyone with an interest in these issues is invited to attend.

Agenda details: 

1.    Introductions and agenda bashing
2.    ISPCP discussions on the way forward for gNSO reform
3.    Brief update on the state of discussions surrounding whois
4.    Signing the root – implications and timeline
5.    Discussion of ISPCP response to developments related to new gTLDs
6.    Fast-flux and the ISPCP community
7.    Presentation on the .tel TLD
8.    Presentation on the .mobi TLD
9.    Any other business
10.   Adjournment

For questions about the agenda, the ICANN meetings in general or the
ISPCP constituency please drop a note to