Workshop. The First Mile: Additional Solutions for a Successful gTLD launch

5 Nov 2008 - 14:30
5 Nov 2008 - 15:30
Abdeen 1


What it is | What makes a TLD launch a success? Besides registration volumes, other areas are also relevant: impact on the rights of others and minimizing conflicts, quality content; innovation. Beyond the well-known mechanisms of trademark-related sunrises, UDRP, first come, first served, auctions, this workshop will present and disuss additional experiences, ideas and mechanisms (non-trademark rights in sunrises; restrictions on registrants, registrars or usage; ex-ante & ex-post validation; compliance; alternative allocation methods for "valued" names, cooperation in conflict-avoiding and handling ...), with views from registries, registrars, commercial and non-commercial users.

Why it's Important | The expansion of the Internet through New gTLDs will impact businesses, brand owners, IP practitioners, public institutions and Internet users in general. As diversity in gTLD increases we need to find common ground in addressing the interests more closely related to each individual TLD and those of the public in general.

Who Should Attend? | All those interested in the use of Internet name space,  especially brand owners, Governments, and potential future new registries.