Arabic Script IDN Working Group (ASIWG) Update

2 Nov 2008 - 10:00
2 Nov 2008 - 11:30
Abdeen 1-3

What it is | ASIWG is a self-organizing group that consists of
interested parties in the implementation of Arabic script in
Internationalized Domain Names.

Why it's important |
The Sunday meeting of the ASIWG in Cairo provides
the Working Group's leaders an opportunity to solicit input and feedback
from the internet community regarding implementation of IDNs in the
Arabic script. This meeting will address subjects such as:

  • Review the proposals to arrive at a Unified Arabic script table,
  • including decisions made to date on specific characters that are being
  • banned from use in the Domain Name System
  • Briefly review papers under consideration in the upcoming ASIWG
  • session on Nov 8,9,10 in Cairo;
  • Discuss how to include more Arabic script speaking communities
  • in the ASIWG efforts;
  • How to help ASIWG become more effective

More details will be posted at the ASIWG Wiki:

Who should attend? |
Anyone interested in the ASIWG's work is free to