New gTLD's are not needed now

There already exists .biz, .name .pro and .info which have seen very little if any web development. Adding more gTLD's may give even more advantages to rich corporations over smaller, independent individuals who cant afford expensive advertising on google, AOL, etc. This would raise ANTITRUST issues; where ICANN policy would become a defacto beneficiary to a particular class of business interests. Smaller companies and individuals need the built in traffic generating value that the current names can provide. We dont need new gTLD's because there is not a new category that is really needed: we have sites for individuals, businesses, and information. Only speculators would buy new gTLD's and the 'landrush' will not be as intense as the .info .biz landrush, again because .info .biz .pro domain name endings are not being developed into websites as expected. The value of a domain name (in general) is it's traffic gererating qualities. If individuals and small companies have to spend thousands of dollars to get people to visit their websites; this will hinder internet growth even further.