How about dot whocares?

ICANN Administration is working on an outdated premise: that there exists a major demand for new internet categorizations and domain name endings. This premise is built on the antiquated notions of the 1999-2000 era, where there was a great sense of urgency to create more name endings. This era was just before the dot com "bust"; where an overabundance of speculation in .com domain name endings led to an artificial inflation of the market (much like the US housing market today). The simple fact is, new extensions only dilute any inherent vale that existing names have, and add even more confusion to the name space. Websites were not regulated at point of sale to have any particular class of content, based on domain name ending. Therefore, new domian name extensions only address expansion and availability issues, not any need for internet 'categorization' of content. The purpose of a domain name extension is to create a website that people know about and visit. More non distinct name endings mean more expenses to market websites by smaller companies and individuals; to get people to visit their websites. This in turn favors the larger companies, who have vast amounts of marketing capital for their internet operations.