Questions to be read out on the workshop "The Evolving gTLD Environment: Challenges and Opportunities"


Due to our schedule, we will be flying back home from Delhi when the
workshop on "The evolving gTLD environment: challenges and opportunitiesW
takes place. For this reason, we would appreciate if the following comment
and questions are read out during the open discussion, on behalf of
Puntogal, an initiative in favour of a domain for Galician culture and

We think that it is very important to maintain the projected implementation
timeline presented at LA’s ICANN 30 International meeting and not delay the
opening of the application process. We are working on our application
following this calendar. Therefore, a delay might be a setback for our work.

Question 1
Can ICANN provide any detail on any part of the future request of proposal
that the applicants will need to summit?

Question 2
Another important issue for potential applicants is the application fee. Do
you already know how much will this fee be? If not, could you provide a
range of an approximate fee? And last, when will you publish (approximate
date) the total amount of this fee?

Thank you very much.