GALA Event: Cultural Program "Lok Ulhas" - Celebrating Diversity

12 Feb 2008 - 19:30
12 Feb 2008 - 22:30

Buses will take attendees to the event from the Taj Palace and returns will be made to all ICANN meeting hotels.

Details will be posted prior to the event.

What is it: 

Shri A. Raja, Hon'ble Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India will host a Cultural Program and Gala Dinner for the delegates of ICANN.

Accordingly, Department of Information Technology through National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) will host this programme at the Ashok Hotel.

The "Lok Ulhas - Celebrating Diversity" is a multiple treams in Performing Arts. With her mountains, rivers, seas, deserts and vast expanses of land, India is a country of multiple panoramic landscapes. It is an amalgam of socio-religious beliefs, rituals and ceremonies. The seasons of the year bring color into mundane life. Its diverse races, ethnic types, religions, linguistic groups and varied social structures makes it one of the few countries where one is almost at every step confronted with the fluidity of Time and Space.

Although it is impossible to present all folk dances of India in a single event yet the attempt has been to weave together as a single fabric the classical, the folk and the tribal. Although every dance is representative of the aspiration and belief of a people with a unique world view and expression of aesthetic experience, the aim is to create a presentation
of various forms bound together by a common flavor and spirit that represents the soul of India. Together on a single platform, this becomes a fusion of music and dance symbolizing a single ensemble of the vast culture that is India.