Registrars Constituency Meeting

12 Feb 2008 - 09:00
12 Feb 2008 - 17:00
Arcade Room

What it is | The members are registrars accredited by and under contract to ICANN. Registrars provide the interface between registrants and registries in getting domain names.

Agenda details: 
900-0915 Welcome/Announcements

Substantive Reports and Issue Discussion with Board Members

➢ ICANN Policy Staff Report – GNSO Reform, Status on Active PDPs (Denise Michel)
➢ Uses of the AGP (Group Discussion)
➢ ICANN Budget (Doug Brent/Kevin Wilson)

1. Transaction Fee and AGP Assessment

2. Reserves/New TLD Expenses

3. GNSO Travel Support/RC Financial Support

➢ Q/A with Board Members


1200-1300 Lunch Break
1300-1330 ICANN Staff Discussions

➢ ICANN Compliance Staff Report/Discussion – Audit Schedule (Stacy Burnette)

➢ Registrar Liaison Staff Report/Discussion – Data Escrow (Tim Cole/Mike Zupke)

1330-1430 Wrap-up Board Interaction with Peter Dengate Thrush and Paul Twomey – JPA/ICANN Transition
1430-1545 Meeting with ICANN Staff Re: Registrar Accreditation Agreement (CLOSED SESSION)
1545-1600 Break
1600-1645 Registrar Constituency Meeting with Registry Constituency
1645-1700 Wrap-up