GNSO Working Group: WHOIS

24 Jun 2007 - 13:45
24 Jun 2007 - 15:15


Flamingo A/B
What it is: 
A face to face meeting of the Whois Working Group of the GNSO. (see the Working Group's charter here: This group is developing the recommendations for changes to the Whois service of the old Whois Task Force (see here for that group's report with the recommendations: It will be concluding and reporting back to the GNSO Council by 27 July, 2007. (see here for the current draft of this Working Group's 'Outcomes Report':
Why it's important: 
This will be the longest working session of this group, and we expect to make a lot of progress on the Outcomes Report which defines this group's recommendations to the GNSO Council.
Who should attend: 
People who are interested in / concerned about Whois. NB: Though this group is a Working Group of the GNSO, it actually has a broad range of active observers from the public, private and non-profit sectors.
Agenda details : 

Agenda for Sunday, 24 June meeting of the Whois Working Group

1.OPOC's legal status
- ICANN accredititation or obligations in an amended RAA ?
- need for OPOC to acknowledge nomination as the OPOC?

2. OPOC and proxies
- no more proxies or amended proxies?

3. OPOC as actor or communicator
- who performs the REMEDY function?

4. Determining right to bulk access by third parties
- for LEAs
- for private sector

5. Other questions arising from the v2 report

6. AOB


Perhaps a solution for making a proxy for abuse reporting

Only today I learned about the ICANN meetings in San Juan, and by coincidence, I have been talking over the last week to several people about the problems of remediating online abuse, with several communities: victims, aggravators, online publishers, civic bloggers, registrars, lawyers.

It seems to me like relying on an email address as an operational point of contact is, if you'll forgive the expression, a bit 20th century. It seems to me that a protocol with a web-based submission form would be much more effective in being able to file, and manage, online abuse complaints. I have started drawing one up here-- the Protocol for Online Abuse Reporting-- and posted it here:

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