GNSO Public Forum on New gTLDs

25 Jun 2007 - 14:30
25 Jun 2007 - 16:30


San Cristobal B
What it is: 
The new top level domains public forum is an opportunity for attendees to hear more about the progress of the new TLDs policy development process and to ask questions about the proposed implementation plan.
Why it's important: 
The introduction of a new top level domains is a high priority for ICANN in the coming fiscal year. The GNSO Committee on the introduction of new TLDs are well advanced in their work and welcome further input on their proposed recommendations. The ICANN Implementation Team will be presenting a proposed implementation plan for further discussion.
Who should attend: 
All individuals interested in how ICANN makes decisions that affect gTLDs.
Agenda details : 

-- New gTLDs Policy -- update on GNSO draft new gTLDs final report -- Avri Doria, Chair, GNSO Council
- Activity since Lisbon
- Current Status
- Discussion Points
– Protecting Rights of Others
– Controversial Names
– Rejection of an Application
– Disputes and Objections

- New gTLDs Implementation -- overview of proposed implementation guidelines -- Kurt Pritz, ICANN Senior Vice President, Services

- Public Comments

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