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Former President's Strategy Committee (PSC)

2005 – 2007

This inactive committee was disbanded on 25 June 2010 by ICANN Board resolution -


Former ICANN President, Paul Twomey, formed a President's Strategy Committee (PSC) in December 2005, following a resolution by the Board at ICANN's international public meeting in Vancouver. A description of PSC's efforts is included below. The PSC concluded its activities in 2007 and the inactive committee was officially disbanded through a Board resolution in June 2010.


In creating the PSC in 2005, the Board noted that the ICANN community "could benefit from the advice of a group responsible for making observations and recommendations concerning strategic issues facing ICANN".

The Committee focused on:

  • ICANN's legal status and identity
  • The organisation's regional presence
  • Root-zone management and transparency
  • Contingency planning
  • Contribution to capacity development
  • Participation and the role of stakeholders

The PSC's work on the Improving Institutional Confidence Initiative can be found here:

Transition Framework

During a Midterm Review of the Joint Project Agreement that ICANN had with the United States government in February 2008, the PSC was identified by ICANN's chairman as the group that would help facilitate discussions with the community over the issues raised with respect to ICANN's transition to the private sector, and in particular was requested to outline a plan for developing such a transition framework.

Previous Consultations and Reports [PDFs]

Draft Report [PDF, 29.26 KB] | Final Report [PDF, 32.11 KB] | Update on Final Report [PDF, 23.07 KB]


  • Vancouver (Dec 05): President's Strategy Committee formed
  • Marrakech (Jun 06): Public meeting
  • São Paulo (Dec 06): Draft recommendations put to public meeting
  • Lisbon (Mar 07): Final Report and recommendations voted on by Board
  • Los Angeles (Nov 07): Update on Final Report released

Los Angeles
November 2007

The Committee met face-to-face to discuss and prepare an update to the Board and the Community regarding its recommendations. The Update to the Final Report [PDF, 23.07 KB] was summarized by CEO Paul Twomey during the Public Forum (transcript).

March 2007

The Committee presented its Final Report [PDF, 32.11 KB] to the Board, where it was accepted and the Committee was asked to engage in further work.

A public workshop on the report [full transcript] was held on Wednesday 28 March, updating the community regarding the Committee’s consultations and final recommendations to the ICANN Board.

Prior to the public workshop, on Monday 19 March, a public online consultation was held. Questions and comments were taken via email [full list], as well as on a dedicated forum on the public participation site. The agenda [PDF, 7.72 KB], a full transcript and an audio recording of the meeting are all available.

São Paulo
December 2006

The Committee presented its Draft Report [PDF, 29.26 KB] and recommendations to the community for consideration.

A public session on the report [full transcript] was held on Monday 4 December.

June 2006

The Committee announced it would hold public consultations on a number of questions it had developed since its formation. The consultations were announced at the Public Forum and outlined during a workshop on Internet Governance. Specific questions and the approach the Committee would take was outlined on a consultation webpage, and translated into Arabic, French, Italian and Spanish.

On 21 July, an online consultation was held which hoped to elicit feedback on the basic question: How can the ICANN model be strengthened in the context of the evolution and growth of the Internet? A full transcript, as well as audio recordings, split into two separate sessions are available.

Material on the question of international private organisations, developed by Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and a former Legal Counsel of the United Nations, Ambassador Hans Corell, was provided.

December 2005

The Committee was formed through a Board resolution.

Past Members

Raimundo Beca Carl Bildt Marilyn Cade Vint Cerf Art Coviello
Raimundo Beca
Carl Bildt Marilyn Cade Vint Cerf
Art Coviello
Pierre Dandjinou Peter Dengate Thrush, ICANN chairman Steve Goldstein Janis Karklins Yrjö Länsipuro
Pierre Dandjinou Peter Dengate Thrush
Steve Goldstein
Janis Karklins
Yrjö Länsipuro
Thomas Niles Adama Samassékou Jean-Jacques Subrenat Paul Twomey, President and CEO  
Thomas Niles
Adama Samassékou Jean-Jacques Subrenat
Paul Twomey

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