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Improving Institutional Confidence Consultation

Welcome to the webpages for ICANN's Improving Institutional Confidence consultation. They have been designed to provide the community with all the information it should need to engage in a broad public consultation over possible changes to the organization.

The idea for this consultation was announced by ICANN's Chairman, Peter Dengate Thrush, on Thursday 28 February 2008 at the U.S. Government's Department of Commerce Midterm Review of the review the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) between it and ICANN. During his address, the Chairman asked the President’s Strategy Committee to outline a plan for developing a transition framework.

On 27 February 2009, the President's Strategy Committee published its draft Implementation Plan for Improving Institutional Confidence [PDF, 332K] to the global Internet community for information and discussion during ICANN's Mexico City meeting.

First public comment period

A first round of public input on Improving Institutional Confidence was carried out between June and September 2008.

Following a review of the public input from the Midterm Review and building on two years' work by the President's Strategy Committee itself, three documents were published to begin community discussion at the ICANN Paris meeting in June 2008. These documents were the first versions of:

  • A Transition Action Plan, outlining what ICANN hopes to address and how
  • An Improving Institutional Confidence in ICANN document, which outlines the main points of discussion in greater detail, and
  • An FAQ to act as supplementary and explanatory guide to the other two documents.

A public comment period began in June 2008 with a two-hour session at the Paris ICANN meeting on Monday 22 June, 2008. Online comments were received until August 2008, and PSC members and ICANN staff shared information and led discussions at a series of public meetings around the world. The Transition Action Plan and 'Improving Institutional Confidence' were revised in line with comments received and the evaluations and discussions of the PSC.

Second public comment period

A second round of public input on Improving Institutional Confidence was carried out on a set of revised documents between September and October 2008.

The consultation documents were:

You can view all of the comments made on the following pages:;;; and

A summary and analysis of this second round of public comments can be found at

The revised consultation documents and accompanying information can be found on the comment period's official announcement page:

Third public comment period

A third round of public input on Improving Institutional Confidence was carried out between March and May, 2009. The summary of the comments is posted here and the full set of comments is available here.

The draft Implementation Plan for Improving Institutional Confidence [PDF, 332K] was produced by the President's Strategy Committee and submitted to the Board at ICANN's Mexico City meeting (1-6 March 2009). It was publicly discussed at a workshop and public forums during the ICANN meeting in Mexico City. On 6 March 2009, the Board accepted the report and decided to post it for 60 days public comment. The Board also directed staff to evaluate implementation of the proposals and report their findings to the Board.

The draft document builds on extensive research, analysis, deliberation and consultation with the global Internet community, the two previous rounds of public comment, and a series of 9 public international meetings held between June and December, 2008.

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