The Global Name Registry application to ICANN
Executive Summary
Our vision for the domain space
B - Unsponsored TLD Application Transmittal Form
D - Registry Operator's Proposal - marketing capabilities and plan section
D - Registry Operator's Proposal - technical capabilities and plan section
E - Description of TLD Policies
H - Registry Operator's Fitness Disclosure


Appendix. B: Payment to ICANN and authorization documents
Appendix.D.1 Pro-forma Financial Assumptions
Appendix.D.2 Supporting supplier proposals:

Appendix.D.2.1.1/D2.1.2 IBM Proposal

Appendix.D.2.1.3-D.2.1.5 IBM ESS Storage, Performance and Value

Appendix.D.2.2 Sage Supporting Documentation

Appendix.D.2.3 Sourcefile Documentation

Appendix.D.2.4 E-journal Proposal

Appendix.D.2.5 OgilvyPR Proposal

Appendix.D.2.6 Sikkerhet-IDS Proposal

Appendix.D.2.8 Venture Partners Background Information

Appendix.D.3 Market Forecasts
Appendix.D.4 Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, etc
Appendix.D.5 GNR Technical Components:

Appendix.D.5.1 Proposed RFC for SRRP

Appendix.D.6 Technical References:

Appendix.D.6.1 RFC2832 - Implementation of SRS


Appendix.D.7 Investment commitment for the Global Name Registry

Appendix.E.1 Agreeements between GNR, ICANN, Registrars and users