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ICANN Registry Proposal

Registry Operator's Proposal - BUSINESS CAPABILITIES AND PLAN

D13.1.2. Current business operations. Core capabilities, services offered, products offered, duration of provision of services and products.

WebVision offers corporations facilities for hosting and co-locating their mission-critical systems, servers, databases and Internet connectivity in one of WebVision’s state-of-the-art data centers. WebVision has provisioned the latest equipment in the most up-to-date facilities along with its IT talented and substantial employee resources to meet these mission-critical expectations.

WebVision Internet Data Centers (IDCs) enable companies to launch their Internet business quickly and efficiently. Outsourcing through WebVision enables a company to bring its Web presence strategy to market with less time and expense. WebVision provides instant scalability that allows its clients to expand network and hosting capacity easily without building new facilities.

WebVision is engineering a global, “intelligent” all digital network to provide its customers with everything from connections to its data centers and access to the Internet, as well as the tools to monitor their access. In addition to its current IDCs, WebVision plans to have IDCs in all major U.S. cities and selected cities around the world, offering corporations a one-stop solution for high-speed Internet data services and networking, thus bringing the next generation Internet to their door step.

WebVision’s IDC in Torrance serves as the central hub for client companies’ network and systems management services. Data centers provide highly reliable, secure environments for client companies’ servers, Internet connections and supporting Internet business infrastructures. WebVision’s facilities are designed for scalability to accommodate clients who must quickly change the amount of Internet bandwidth to their servers to meet sudden surges (or downturns) in Internet business. In addition to Advanced IP services, all WebVision Data Centers offer a wide array of co-location options including full cabinets, racks, cages and custom enclosures.

WebVision Internet Data Center facilities include:

  • Local points of presence in cities across the U.S.

  • The most advanced, scalable and reliable network architecture available

  • Climate-controlled environments with Raised Floors

  • Seismically braced racks

  • State-of-the-art smoke detection and fire suppression systems that do not damage equipment

  • Closed-circuit video surveillance

  • Armed security personnel

  • Online power backup system

  • 24/7 network and hosted systems monitoring

  • IP, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet network technology

  • Onsite application, network and hardware engineers

  • Redundant Fiber-optic connections to the Internet

These facilities allow WebVision to deliver the highest levels of reliability through a number of redundant subsystems, such as multiple fiber trunks from multiple sources, fully redundant power on the premises, and backup generators. On-site support includes technicians to handle all network related co-location installation issues, such as cabinet preparation, setting up rack, cage and custom enclosures, and supplying additional field support if needed.


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