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ICANN Registry Proposal

Registry Operator's Proposal - BUSINESS CAPABILITIES AND PLAN

D13.2.1. Services to be provided. A full description of the registry services to be provided.

The services that will be provided by the registry operator to the sponsoring organization are:

  1. Hosting and ongoing operational support of the registry system
  2. Monitoring the registry application
  3. 24-hour tech support (phone and email) for registrars
  4. Escrow and backup services
  5. Enhancements to the registry application systems and software
  6. A publicly available whois service

The sponsoring organization will provide the following for the Registrars:

  1. Name registration services
  2. Education
  3. Marketing, promotion
  4. Other support and guidance to help registrars, similar to a franchisee/franchisor relationship

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