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ICANN Registry Proposal

Registry Operator's Proposal - BUSINESS CAPABILITIES AND PLAN

D13.2.15. Registry failure provisions. Please describe in detail your plans for dealing with the possibility of registry failure.

Registry Operator Business Failure

The Registry Operator will take several steps to protect against the eventuality that it becomes unable to operate the registry or is financially unable to sustain its business:

(a) Maintain proper insurance;

(b) Establish a relationship and a "cold" restart facility in a location suitable to operate the registry; and

(c) Allow ICANN or the Sponsoring Organization to audit the Registry Operator's business to provide advance warning of any possible business failure.

If the Registry Operator fails for any reason, the Sponsoring Organization retains the ability to switch the operation to another registry operator at another facility.

Sponsoring Organization Business Failure

We will work with ICANN and Group One Registry to develop a satisfactory plan to ensure there is no delay of service or loss of data in the event of a business failure on the part of Group One Registry, Inc.

Technical Failure

The registry operation will be redundant and hardened. Backups will be made to tape, a parallel "hot" registry, and escrow. WebVision has an extensive plan to handle system failure due to natural disasters or sabotage. For a detailed discussion, see section D15.2.13 (System Recovery Procedures).


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