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ICANN Registry Proposal

Registry Operator's Proposal - BUSINESS CAPABILITIES AND PLAN

D13.2.7. Plans for acquiring necessary systems and facilities. Describe plans for acquiring all necessary systems and facilities for providing the proposed services at each estimated demand level. Provide details as to the scope, cost, and vendor for any significant planned outsourcing.

The registry operator's systems will be capable of handling 300,000 domain name registrations per day. As previously stated, we believe it is more cost effective and time saving to implement a system with greater capacity now, than to upgrade later. Additionally, a system with greater capacity can respond better to potential spikes in customer usage and act as a redundant buffer should a portion of one system fail.

Based on our projection of Group One Registry’s share of the market, this system is expected to have sufficient capacity to handle customers’ demands. Our proposed system includes up to 40 servers running customized software based on Internet Computer Bureau's proven registry operation system. We will provide other hosting services similar to those we already supply to other customers including data rack space, data storage, tape backup and security services.

We anticipate that it will take approximately three months to become operational based on the experience of other registries.

Please see section D13.2.13 for further detail of capital expenditures.


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